Meet Cameryn, your new bow obsession

We have a new style we added to our bow line up and this bow will not disappoint.

Available in three sizes Cameryn is a clip bow only, thus far.  I am debating making two more sizes in this gorgeous girl.  An extra large size and an extra small size that would be available on both clip and nylon.  If you want to see two more sizes, leave a comment on which you would be interested in.

We have Cameryn available in 5 fall gingham prints and many more coming soon.  Both my girls, 3 and 7 are absolutely in love with this bow and its pure beauty in how it looks and lays while being worn.  

Both the medium and large size come on our large alligator clips with teeth and our size small on our standard clip.

I hope you test out this new bow and remember to tag us in pictures @chicpipsqueak!

August 22, 2019 — Kjirsten Conrad

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