Please read through the FAQ's to see if your question is answered below:


1.   Can I get the status of my order shipping? 

Yes, we are a very small mama run business. I do all the shipping by myself so please be patient. Sometimes shipping is same day or only a day or two.  If we have a big sale it will be longer (up to two-four weeks) before I can ship all orders out myself.  They will be shipped as fast as I can. If you need an order for a special event please reach out and I am happy to help and accommodate to make sure you have your order by a certain date!  As of right now we are on a 2-4 WEEK  TAT.


2. I can't login to my account / it isn't allowing me to log in and saying my email is not valid. 

When this happens, it more than likely means you didn't set up a password and account.  You should have have received an account activation email within 24 hours after your FIRST purchase. Please set up a password via the email and you will be able to log into your account. If you can't find the email, please let me know and I will resend the account activation email.


3.  Need to make changes to a pre existing order.

Please email with the change and I can help you. You are NOT able to edit a subscription order after the 5th and must email.  If you are updating an address, make sure to update your subscription address as well if you are a monthly bow subscriber.


4. Need to edit your subscription (address, style, quantity...)... 

Log into your account and click on the pink link 'Manage my Subscription Click Here'.  Then you are able to make any changes that will occur during the next billing period.  You can also cancel your subscription as well.


5.  What's the difference between reversible and secured clips... 

Reversible clips can come off the bow. Secured are the same clip but glued to the fabric bow.


6.  My package says delivered but it isn't in my mail box....

Don't worry. 99% of the time this happens it will be delivered within the next day or two.   Please contact your post office for more details to see where the package was exactly delivered.  If after 4-5 business days you still haven't received it, please let me know.


7.  What's the difference in the regular nylon and the thin nude nylon? 

They are the same except the width of the nylon band is different. The nylon band is about .5" and the thin nude nylon band is about .25". I recommend the thin nude for brand new newborns and those babies with super soft heads. The thin nude nylon is half the width and will stretch easier.


8. I just signed up for my subscription and was charged again a few days later, why?

Our monthly bow subscription always bills on the 5th of the month.  Depending on when you sign up during the month, it will determine how close together your first two charges are.  If you sign up on the 28th of the month your monthly billing will start about a week later on the 5th of the next month.  If you sign up on the 4th of the month you wont be billed for another month before your first billing.  We also have all of this information on the subscription page along with in every subscription listing too. 

For example, if you sign up on January 29th (February bows), your first re occurring monthly charge will be on February 5th for March bows.  If you signed up on January 4th (February bows), your first re occurring monthly charge will be February 5th for March bows.

January bow sign up - December 3rd - January 2nd with member billing December 5th.

February bow sign up - January 3rd - February 2nd with member billing January 5th.

March bow sign up - February 3rd - March 2nd with member billing February 5th.

April bow sign up - March 3rd - April 2nd with member billing March 5th.

May bow sign up - April 3rd - May 2nd with member billing April 5th.

June bow sign up - May 3rd - June 2nd with member billing May 5th.

July bow sign up - June 3rd - July 2nd with member billing June 5th.

August bow sign up - July 3rd - August 2nd with member billing July 5th.

September bow sign up - August 3rd - September 2nd with member billing August 5th.

October bow sign up - September 3rd - October 2nd with member billing September 5th.

November bow sign up - October 3rd - November 2nd with member billing October 5th.

December bow sign up - November 3rd - December 2nd with member billing November 5th.


8. What is your direct email address?


10. How quickly do you respond to emails?

It can take up to 5 business days for a reply.  If after 5 business days you haven't heard back yet, please send us another email incase we missed your email by chance.

11. Do you have a size guide?

Yes, our size guide is below!

Please get in touch!