Did you just find out you are having a girl, recently had a newborn girl or know someone who is due soon with a baby girl?    

We want to say congratulations and give you her first bow on us! 

Just follow the steps exactly below to get your free bow on us if you are pregnant or your baby is under 3 months old!

    1. Post a NEW baby related post on your public instagram account. It could be an ultrasound photo, a birth announcement, baby clothing...
    2. Copy and past the following as the caption of the new post (not a comment and don't add it to an old post, we always check and you wont get your code) . "@ChicPipsqueak we are having a baby and it's a girl! #chicpipsqueak #itsagirl" and tag us in the photo!
    3. Fill out the information below!
    4. Wait for us to email you back with a link to your free baby bows!  (you will need to pay shipping).
    5. Post a story with your baby bows once you receive them with @ChicPipsqueak tagged in the photos!
    6. Once we confirm your new post and caption, you can change a public account back to private!

***Please allow up to 5 business days to hear back.***

Please get in touch!