Spooky Bat Bows

Who loves Halloween?  Who loves celebrating and dressing up their littles all October?  Or if you are me, my girls are already sporting their black bat bows.  True story.  I was getting a lot of emails and DMs from customers asking for pictures of the bat bows on.  I put one on each of my girls to snap a pic and then they didn't want to take them off and my oldest wore the oversized to school!  Who says you can't kick off the Halloween season in mid September?

These sweet little black bat bows are a must have for Halloween!  We offer them in two sizes to cover the tiniest of babes to adults!  

Our Petite size measures 2.5" in width and our Oversized measures 4.5" in width.

The petite size makes the cutest set of spooky bat pig tail clips too!  I can't wait to match my girls and clip in an oversized.

Note- the oversized comes with our oversized alligator clips AND our standard clip too!


September 19, 2019 — Kjirsten Conrad

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