Petite Bow Full Pig Tail Bow Subscription


FULL PIG TAIL Alligator Clip Bow Subscription

This subscription includes four alligator clip petite bows (2 sets of pig tail bows) every month delivered right to your door!    

We offer this new subscription in our reversible clips.

Subscription FAQs - PLEASE READ:               

  • Our Months run from the 5th of the month to the 2nd of the month.
  • You can sign up until the 2nd of the month to get that month's bows.  For example you can sign up from January 3rd to February 2nd to get February bows.
  • Billing is always on the 5th (depending on when you join during the month will determine how close together your first two charges will be).  For example if you subscriber on the 29th of the month you will be billed about a week later on the 5th of the month for the next set of bows.  This is not a duplicate charge but billing for the next set. If you sign up on the 4th of the month your next billing wont be for over a month and will occur the following month on the 5th (sign up date January 4th, next billing is February 5th for the next set).
  • We reveal monthly bow sets around the 10th of the month
  • Shipping starts around the 28th of the month and takes about a week to get all subscription orders out.  You can expect to receive your bows the first week of the month.
  • Our regular Nude nylon measures roughly 1/2" when unrolled and our Thin Nude is roughly half that at 1/4".
  • We recommend the Thin Nude for brand new little ones or any baby with a soft head.  
  • Secured clips are the same as reversible but glued to the fabric and can't be removed.
  • Once a subscriber you gain access to our Subscriber's Shop for exclusive bows and discounted bows that ship FREE with your Monthly Bow Set!
  • As a subscriber you also save an automatic 20% off your order (you can only use one discount code at a time)
  • Make changes and manage your subscription in your account!  You have total control over your subscription. Make sure all changes are made by the 4th of the month for billing on the 5th. If you need to change after the 5th, you will need to email us.
  • We can not refund or cancel any subscription orders once they are placed

 Our Bow Subscription is perfect for trendsetting babies and kids who not only want fresh fun looks but also timeless classics as well.