1. Pick Your Subscription

You can pick between premium nylon headbands, alligator clips or a mix of both (2 clips and 2 nylon headband). You can always change your subscription at any point. Both are one size fit all!

2.  Track
We ship all bows between the 25th-31st of the month! You will receive an email confirmation once your order ships and can track your shipment!

3.  Wear
Your littles will love receiving their very own mail every month, especially when it is so cute! Enjoy and look forward to your next shipment hassle free!

Chic Pipsqueak's Bow Subscription is perfect for those who are tired of tracking down the latest bows for the ever changing seasons, months and holidays and who simply don't have the time. Instead, let us help you! As a subscriber, you will receive a carefully curated collection each month that takes in the essence of that month. We offer our bows on premium nylon headbands or alligator clips! You decide and can change anytime! By becoming a member you will also get access to our subscription add on bows as well. They are only available to subscribers. Billing occurs on the 5th of every month and we start shipping the 25/26th of the month and it takes about 5 days to get all the orders out!